06 km) trail that passes through a cypress swamp

Goose Creek State Park

is a North Carolina state park near Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina in the United States. is home to a wide variety of canada goose coats on sale wildlife that make their homes in the extensive salt water marshes, inlets and creeks on the northern uk canada goose side of the sound. Route 264 on Camp Leach Road.[2]The land in and surrounding has long provided an abundance of natural resources for the people canada goose clearance of the area. The first recorded inhabitants of the area were members of the Secota and the Pamlico, two Eastern Woodlands canada goose factory sale tribes. They were victims of widespread disease brought to colonial North canada goose black friday sale Carolina by settlers from Europe during the 17th century. Most of the Indians that Canada Goose online did not succumb to disease were killed or driven off during the Tuscarora War (1711 1715). Goose Creek and Pamlico Sound also provided shelter for pirates canada goose store such as Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet.[3]

Since the Canada Goose Coats On Sale end of the pirate era, the area https://www.canadagoosejacketca.ca in and surrounding Canada Goose Outlet has been centered on timber production, commercial fishing and small scale, subsistence farming. Canada Goose Jackets Lumber companies, such as the Eureka Lumber Company canadian goose jacket and later Weyerhauser Corporation,[4] acquired extensive tracts of land along canada goose clearance sale the creeks and harvested vasts stands of old growth bald cypress and longleaf pine. Much cheap Canada Goose of the land that is now part of was clear cut.[3] Evidence of canada goose uk shop the timber industry remains at the cheap canada goose uk park today. Visitors to the park can see the remains of piers and loading docks canada goose up and down Goose Creek and an old railroad bed crosses the park.

After the lumber companies had cleared the forests and left the land, citizens of Beaufort County sought to have the land along Goose Creek protected under North Carolina state law. At this time the state was looking for land along Canada Goose Parka the Pamlico River on which to build a park. It was soon determined that Goose canada goose uk outlet Creek would be an ideal canada goose uk black friday setting for a state park. Local citizens showed their support for the effort by sending a resolution to North Carolina governor, canada goose coats James Holshouser. The state purchased 1,208 (4.88 acres of land, at a cost of $1,115,000 from Weyerhauser,[4] for the park and Goose Creek State Park was opened to the public in September 1974.[3]Goose Creek State Park is open for year round recreation offering camping, boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, picnicking, and environmental education.[5]A boat ramp is on the west shore of Goose Creek at Dinah’s Landing. Motorboating, sailing and windsurfing are all permitted at the park. All boaters must follow the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. Visitors that are interested in exploring the creeks of the park in canoes must bring their own. Access to the creeks is provided at Dinah’s Landing and near the campground. The streams of the park offer opportunities for canoeists to view a wide variety of wading birds that make the park their home.[5]

Fishing is permitted in the waters of Goose Creek State Park. The most popular species of game fish are white and yellow perch, largemouth bass and bluegill.

Camping and hiking[edit]

The campground at Goose Creek State Park is located on a stretch of land between Goose Creek and Flatty Creek. It is a primitive campground with twelve tent sites. The campground is in a grove of longleaf pines that are covered with Spanish moss.

Goose Creek State Park is home to six hiking trails.

Flatty Creek Trail is a one mile (1.6 loop trail that begins and ends at the parking area near the campground. Much of the trail is on boardwalks over the fresh water and brackish water wetlands of the park.

Goose Creek Trail is a 1.9 mile (3.06 km) trail that passes through a cypress swamp.

Ivey buy canada goose jacket cheap Gut Trail runs from the main park road to the campground through two Canada Goose sale miles (3.22 of forest.

Live Oak Trail is a 0.4 mile (0.64 km) trail that passes an old cemetery.

Palmetto Boardwalk Trail is a 0.7 mile (1.13 km) boardwalk trail that connects the Environmental Education Center with the Ivey Gut Parking area, passing through a hardwood swamp. The swimming area is on a sandy beach along the Pamlico River on the southern side of the park.[5] is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species that thrive in the various habitats in place uk canada goose outlet at the park. Sedges, sawgrass and black buy canada goose jacket needle rush can be found in the brackish marshes near the Pamlico River. These tall grasses provide cover and nesting sites for the many wading birds of the park, including, marsh wren, rails, herons and egrets.

The marshes of the park recede in swamps. These swamps are home to bald cypress, loblolly pine and red cedar trees. Many Canada Goose Online of the trees are covered Canada Goose Outlet in Spanish moss. The swamps are home to a wide variety of wildlife including barred owls, frogs, turtles, snakes, minks, turkeys, muskrats and raccoons. Larger animals include white tailed deer, bobcats, black bear and gray foxes.

The waters of Goose Creek and the Pamlico River are visited by a wide variety of migratory birds. Tundra swans and Canada geese winter at the park as do bufflehead, mallard and wood ducks.[6].

His family and I don’t canada goose black friday sale get

ASK B. SCOTT: 'I Hate My Husbands Family!'

Shutterstock Dear B. Scott,I’ve been married for a year and I have a loving, wonderful, and caring husband. We don’t have any children, but we plan on it. Since this last holiday season we haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye.His family and I don’t canada goose black friday sale get along. Well, I don’t care for his family and his family’s made canada goose coats it known that they don’t really care for me either. The tension is so high that I told my husband I didn’t want them in my house for Christmas and that if canada goose he wanted to spend time with his family, Canada Goose sale then he’s more https://www.jacketstock.com than welcome to do that canada goose clearance sale without me.We got into a big argument about how buy canada goose jacket cheap it’s ‘our’ buy canada goose jacket house and that he canada goose coats on sale can let his family stay if he wants to, but I feel like my home is my sanctuary and it’s where I should be able to go to seek refuge. I refused to go visit his family with him Canada Goose Parka on Christmas day.It’s been a couple weeks and I still think he’s holding a grudge about how I ‘ruined his Christmas’. How canada goose outlet do I fix it?Dear Love canada goose replica Muffin,While you can’t go back and re-do Christmas, you can try your best to make things right for the next cheap Canada Goose one.I’m not Canada Goose Coats On Sale going to get into who was right or who Canada Goose Online was wrong regarding the Christmas visiting situation, at the end of the day that’s between you two and your household.What I can canada goose clearance advise is that before the next holiday season rolls around, Canada Goose Jackets you and your husband need to get to the root of what’s causing the tension between you and his family and address it.That’s really the only way either party will be able to move forward.You’re married to this man and for the foreseeable future you’re not going anywhere — neither is Canada Goose online his family. You can’t get mad a man for being attached to his canada goose store family, but at the same time you (or husband) don’t have to canada goose deals tolerate disrespect from anyone.If you and the family can’t resolve your issues, then you and Canada Goose Outlet your husband need to have a conversation about how to proceed.I hope it all works out for the best, especially before you plan on adding children into canadian goose jacket the mix.Love,B. ScottSubmit your questions now: bscott@ebony.com and be sure to tweet me @lovebscott with the hashtag #AskBScott.

Nearly half of its employees were white

Addresses Workplace Behavior Complaints

Trevor Edwards, a top Nike executive who was seen as a potential canada goose coats on sale successor to the chief executive, is stepping down, the company canadian goose jacket said on Thursday.

On the same day, the company sent a memo to employees Canada Goose Outlet disclosing internal complaints about workplace Canada Goose sale behavior, Greg Rossiter, a spokesman, confirmed.

“There has been conduct inconsistent with Nike’s core values and against our code of conduct,” he said. “There have been no direct allegations of misconduct against Trevor.”

The company did not specify canada goose factory sale why Mr. Edwards was leaving. His decision to resign was finalized this week, Mr. Rossiter said.

The memo, which was written by Mark Parker, the chief executive, is also vague, excerpts published by the magazine Fast Company.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve become aware of reports of behavior occurring canada goose black friday sale within our organization that do not reflect our core values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment at a time when we uk canada goose are accelerating our transition to Canada Goose Jackets the next stage of growth and advancing our culture,” Mr. Parker wrote. “This disturbs and saddens me.”

Nike, based in Canada Goose online Beaverton, Ore., has an alert line for employees to call in complaints and cheap Canada Goose recently canada goose added an additional telephone hotline and email inbox for concerns, Mr. Rossiter said.

The company will also try to diversify its management ranks, he said. As of the 2015 fiscal year, 41 percent of Nike managers were women, according a report from canada goose clearance sale the company. Nearly half of its employees were white.

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“We cheap canada goose uk believe we need to accelerate our plans to have more women and minorities in leadership positions,” Mr. uk canada goose outlet Rossiter said.

In both the memo and the canada goose uk black friday company’s public announcement, Mr. Parker said Mr. Edwards was relinquishing his position as Nike’s brand president and would retire in August. Mr. Edwards, who has been with Nike since he joined as canada goose uk shop a regional marketing manager in 1992, will serve canada goose as an adviser to Mr. Parker until then.

Mr. Rossiter declined to elaborate on Mr. Edwards’s duties and pay as an adviser. Mr. Edwards, who was known for his work linking athletics with technology canada goose store and raising Canada Goose Online the brand’s profile using social media, earned nearly $5 million in total compensation in the 2017 fiscal year, according to https://www.arconserve.ca Nike’s regulatory filings.

Mr. Parker, who has held his position for more than a decade, will remain in the Canada Goose Coats On Sale chief executive role past 2020, the company said.

“We are fortunate to have canada goose coats a strong management team in place who is well suited to drive our next stage of growth and to steward and evolve our culture in the future,” Mr. Parker buy canada goose jacket said in the canada goose uk outlet public statement, thanking Mr. Edwards for his canada goose clearance work.

In the Canada Goose Parka internal memo, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Parker wrote that he was reorganizing his leadership team to “allow for closer management and a sharper focus on our culture.”

As part of buy canada goose jacket cheap the management shake up, Mr. Parker promoted Elliott Hill, the former president of Nike Geographies, to a newly created position, president of the consumer and marketplace division. Mr. Hill joined the company in 1988.