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Electric cars are cleaner as they don give off the CO2 emissions of cars that run solely on gasoline. They are also generally cheaper to run. Many of the greener vehicles available today combine a gasoline engine and an electric motor. He’s just another prick in a long tradition of right wing freaks who want to stomp on latinos and blame the fallout on the victims, rather than actually help them. American policy toward Latin America has been an unmitigated disaster for centuries, and the worst part is Americans are too dumb to understand the blowback of their own government’s missteps.Mexico now has plenty of formerly American factories that were attracted to relocate by the prospect low wages while retaining access to the US market. How often do you see Mexican factories relocating to Michigan? Not quite as often as you see American businesses relocating to Mexico.Immigration from Mexico has been shrinking for quite some time, and an increasing share of border crossers are from further south.

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