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canada goose FrontpageWhat’s OnFood DrinkThings to do in DerbyThe strange things which restaurants serve the food on that you don’t likeNew survey reveals how you would prefer to receive your meals in cheap canada goose cheap canada goose restaurantsWhat’s OnHave you ever been to a restaurant and been served a runny egg on a piece of slate so the yolk runs on to the table cloth and you’ve yelled inwardly “Why can’t I have a PLATE”?Well, you should, in fact, perhaps think yourself lucky when your dinner comes on something flat like a slate or a wooden board.Call it fashion, call it whacky but there are eateries that will serve you food in a Wellington boot, on a shovel or in a plant pot and your side orders come in a miniature wheelbarrow or shopping trolley.But, not surprisingly, it turns out that we still overwhelmingly prefer to be served food off a simple plate.Our food reviewer Secret Service’s scallops were served on a slate at Stones in MatlockSome two thirds of diners were happy to be served food on a slate or a wooden board, while just over half didn’t mind eating out of a plant pot.But the least popular food container was a shoe, with an approval rating of just 9%. That fared slightly worse than a dog bowl (10%) and a shovel (17%).In the survey, middle class respondents were 12% more likely than working class diners to find eating off slates acceptable and are 8% happier to eat off wooden boards.Read MoreSecret Service reviews see what our spy thought of these pubs and restaurantsThe survey showed 2,030 people a series of unusual serving methods from the We Want Plates twitter account, which has more than 136,000 followers in its crusade, and asked whether they would be happy to see them in a restaurant or pub. It was stressed that the vessels are clean.YouGov say: “While this selection of unusual culinary conveyances may cause some to raise their eyebrows and roll their eyeballs, we may see more of them in future.”The results show that younger Britons are generally more likely than their elder peers to consider it OK to serve food on or in unconventional items.”What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve eaten out of? Tell us in the comments below.A version of this article first appeared in the Birmingham Mail.Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterThings to do in DerbyshireFood invented in Derbyshire which you must try if you haven’t alreadyThe following culinary delights have their roots in our county but have you sampled them all?Derby city centreHow you can step back in time and explore this iconic Derby business Jane Middleton Smith, curator at WW Winter, reveals how you can discover what life would have been like at the photography canada goose outlet studios in the 19th century ahead of Heritage Open DaysPubsOur beerhunter on a Derby night out with good beer, without going into a ‘pub’It’s just that we have so many different types of ‘pubs’ these days, he saysDarley Park ConcertGoing to Darley Park Concert tonight? Here’s five things you need to knowIt may seem like common sense but we would urge you to keep an eye on the weather and don’t forget you need a ticket canada goose.

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