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Trump is in bed with the Sinclair Media group. They control 190+ TV stations, many of which are long time local news stations that viewers trust to be unbiased. It makes sense that the stereotypical Trump fanatic (poorly educated, blue collar, anti government spooks) would be easily manipulated.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t play seriously. Unless you’re actually intentionally playing garbage to the point of throwing, then you will still smash lower ranked players with a scout, maybe only slightly less than you would with an awp. Also I have never played against/with a smurf that didn’t start taking things seriously as soon as it looked like he might actually lose..

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Toms River is also home to Ocean County’s only Roman Catholic High School, Monsignor Donovan High School, operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, which also has six elementary schools located in the county. Addition to multiple public high schools, the county has an extensive vocational high school program, known as the Ocean County Vocational Technical School district.Six Flags Great Adventure, America’s largest Six Flags theme park, is home to the world’s tallest and formerly fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka. The park also contains Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey’s largest water park, and the 2,200 acre (890 Six Flags Wild Safari, the largest drive thru animal safari outside of Africa.

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