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canada goose coats A telephone hotline has been set up between Mr Kim and his South Korean counterpart, and the two leaders are scheduled to meet next week for the first inter Korean summit in buy canada goose jacket over a canada goose coats decade. Mr Kim is also expected to hold a canada goose black friday sale summit with US President Donald Trump by June. If it takes place, canada goose uk black friday it will be the first meeting between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader.

Canada Goose online For those not sure why this would be a good thing. When you decriminalize something it becomes far more easier to treat people and provide help and Canada Goose Jackets services needed to recover. Treatment canada goose coats on sale options are few and Canada Goose online far between when something is illegal because those who are willing to offer help risk being complicit. In the US many states had uk canada goose to bass laws to allow medical services to those who are overdosing and laws to allow the collection of dirty needles and safe injection sites because, even though they been proven to reduce medical emergencies and actually save the state money cheap Canada Goose in long run, many of the professionals involved in these service were in some ways breaking the law.

cheap Canada Goose It will not be a good thing. Opioid and other illicit drug use is canada goose rising. We are seeing more and more Canadians turning to these buy canada goose jacket cheap drugs for some sort of self treatment (Escapism, pain control, whatever it may be) and very few are willing to seek treatment once this use becomes habitual.

Canada Goose Parka Currently Canadians can seek treatment for addiction without fear of criminal reprocussion. This is particularly Canada Goose Parka true when considering opioids. The problem is that Canadians [I]don want treatment[/I]. NY Academy of canadian goose jacket Medicine study on opioid use in Canada showed that less than a third of uk canada goose outlet users seek out treatment. Others claim they would seek treatment if it met their idealized version (whatever that may mean).

canada goose deals Now why are these critical to the decriminalization or legalization of these drugs? Because canada goose store we are opening the self medicating faucets without addressing the core issues causing people to seek these drugs out.

canada goose clearance sale Beyond this issue several of the points often parroted by the de canada goose uk shop crim crowed are patently false.

buy canada goose jacket “Easier to treat” Unless you are going to implement laws that mandate treatment for addiction this is a non starter. As shown in the linked study the barrier to treatment is the willingness of participants, not the law.

Helps the marginalized I agreed with this for pot as it is usually the drug of choice for the marginalized, however as we have seen with opioids and fenatyl, use of these drugs goes well beyond social canada goose clearance sale and economic lines. More and more OD deaths are from middle class Canadians (See CBC article linked).

Canada Goose Outlet It Canada Goose sale stops ruining their lives due to criminal conviction This is an American concept. Drug cases and sentencing in Canada is directed by legislation to support rehabilitation rather than punishment. Everything about how drug crimes are carried out in Canada is to give the accused every benefit (see zvulony link)

Generates tax revenue/reduces the slippery slope of addiction through government sales Sure, it generates tax revenue. By that same position gas stations should have a separate pump for “personal consumption” that is taxed as a “sin” rather than a utility? The ability to generate revenue should never be an argument in cheap canada goose uk favour of the decriminalization of anything. The question is a public safety/public good, not financial. Stay classy /r/worldnews. 2 points submitted 13 days ago

canada goose store “Dragons” does not refer to working in chemical protective gear. It is a nickname I assume the US Army Chemical Corps gave themselves and most likely refers to their historical use of fire (as in flamethrowers) and smoke (as in providing smokescreens, which I think is still their responsibility). If you google the Chemical Corps song you see it mentioned.

canadian goose jacket Edit to add. “Chemo/Chem O” is a term used to refer to the CBRN officer assigned to a units staff. “Chemfantry” (as in chemical infantry) is a term used to mock chemical soldiers/units acting like they combat arms. NBC (the term used before CBRN) was often Canada Goose Online translated to “No Body Cares” because well. Nobody cares about CBRN training, I think there a similar joke for CBRN but I don remember what it is.

canada goose coats on sale “. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. All hearts go out to the fighter pilots, whose brilliant actions we see with our own eyes day after day, but we must Canada Goose Outlet never forget that all the time, night after night, Canada Goose Coats On Sale month after month, our bomber squadrons travel far into Germany, find their targets in the darkness by the highest navigational skill, aim their attacks, often under the heaviest fire, often with serious loss, with deliberate, https://www.canadagooseoutletcoats.com careful discrimination, and inflict canada goose factory sale shattering blows upon the whole of the technical and war making structure of the Nazi power. On no part of the Royal Air Force does the weight of the war fall more heavily than on the daylight bombers who will play an invaluable part in the case of invasion and whose unflinching zeal it has been necessary in the meanwhile on numerous occasions to restrain”

buy canada goose jacket cheap 1) Russia is having an internal crackdown on potential whistleblowers. Putin attempt on this fellow demonstrates that even if you want to leak info that is no longer strategically important, I will eliminate you.

Canada Goose canada goose uk Jackets 2) There is an internal fight in Russian intelligence. The old hats and new are having an internal civil war. This fellow represents a consistent, trusted means of comms to canada goose clearance the west. As such he needs to be removed from the cycle to prevent new agents from defecting.

canada goose clearance 3) Unfortunate by stander. He is an unrelated target in some other multinational op. His connection to MI5/6 canada goose uk outlet is unrelated.

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