Let check the employee records and see what other information

There are several places where you can legally listen to works of the artists. Not only websites but you can even use smartphone apps to listen to music, very legally. Sometimes just a small subscription fee to the whole library is to be paid. The ABC would have approached the ATO as is appropriate in any journalistic investigation and told them what information they had and offered them a chance to reply.No one has seen the story yet, but I imagining that it was something like “this employee has gone on the record as saying this about these specific cases how do you respond?”The ATO will have offered their response, and https://www.goosesale.ca also said, “Hang on, that data should not have been accessed, nor taken from our secure premises. Let check the employee records and see what other information has been unlawfully taken”.They stated in the past at Senate Estimates they log every access an employee makes to the files of Australian citizens and legal entities.This would have given them reasonable cause to issue the warrant for a search of the property.I certainly don see any consequences from failing Canada Goose Outlet to investigate the number of corporations failing to pay their share of tax either.This is not the first time this shit has happened, and has nothing to do with budget and personnel and everything to do with appalling culture, behaviour and grossly unprofessional conduct completely absent from any kind of accountability and occurring thanks to funding from our pockets. And what consequences have been forthcoming for the ATO as a result of this waste of money, incompetence and general buttfuckery?let remember that he was accessing client records inappropriately.

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