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You not going to rank up cause you can bhop.A huge amount. Hitboxes are better, ladder hitboxes and planting hitboxes are better. The meta is fairly balanced and a lot of people are content. Prior to the lumen depths, I did make heavy use of conjuration for easy war pike/rapier attacks. War pike wouldn have done much for me here in 1.7.4 I glad spear type weapons got buffed. Even now there was something of a consideration to just use rapier all the time, but getting sneak attacks on liches with the war pike made it worth it.

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This is a very steep hill which is not for the faint hearted, but definitely worth the effort. Once the road flattens out you will make your way along the headland to Noirmont Point, with arguably some of the best coastal views on the island. And if you get your timing right there may be an ice cream waiting for you at the finish line.

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