Brooke Vu wears a fitted

Brooke Vu wears a fitted silk satin strapless gown with a detachable overlay of Chantilly lace and soft beading, $1,795, by Pronovias from Bridal Galleria of Texas, (210) 342 5752. The overlay can be easily removed after the wedding ceremony to reveal an elegant gown underneath that works for the reception and dance; the gown is cinched with a crystal embellished ribbon belt, $355, also from Bridal Galleria of Texas, (210) 342 5752. Mini chandelier earrings, $165, Bridal Salon of San Antonio, (210) 828 7931.

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Fondant tools I’m not going to be the Scrooge of Halloween. Speaking to them in an unkind tone in front of youngsters confuses the smaller children into thinking that maybe they don’t need to get candy from you either. I wouldn’t want anything from someone that just scolded another person. Fondant tools

Plastic mould “Last week, there was a lunchtime office party for [coworker] Matt [Quigle], complete with cake and decorations, because, of course, nobody cringes when you say your birthday is Sept. 5,” Bachman said. “Already this week, Dina the receptionist, who lost a cousin in the attacks, looks like she’s going to cry at any second. Plastic mould

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Baking tools Most locals only had one funeral home option, Roller Hapgood Tinney. Your neighbors, your community, your friends have had to deal with some of the saddest and hardest experiences in their lives, in the exact spot where you will now be celebrating. Not only is it disrespectful to the memory of our loved ones, it confusing and upsetting to the community at large who lost their loved ones and grieved there.. Baking tools

Kitchenware Prior to the last showing Cape Jellison resident Sharon Catus stated, “See all 37 plays in one night, including multiple performances of Hamlet (forwards and backwards!). I was unsuccessful in getting a list of the cast of players. But I am sure we will be seeing their names in lights before it over.From the ColumnistI woke up Friday morning and checked my Facebook news feed to learn that I was tagged in a video of a structure fire on Cape Jellison. Kitchenware

Decorating tools It’s a season that always brings me great memories,” she confides. “My mother’s altar was very simple, just candles, a glass of water, a rosary, and lots of marigolds; their smell impregnated the house. She would set cocoles [anise flavored pastries] for my grandpa, and for her mother she always made calabaza en tacha [pumpkin cooked in piloncillo syrup] and dulce de camote [candied sweet potato].” Godinez sets altars every year, passing the tradition down to her own children, only now her altar is dedicated to her recently deceased mother Decorating tools.