Bike commuting has been a significant part of my health and

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Designer replica Bags Best Replica Bags Designer Fake Bags The issue of bicycling and bike lanes has landed front and center in the Star Tribune news and opinion pages again recently. What often gets lost in the discussion is just how important bicycling is to the health of Twin Cities residents. Bike commuting has been a significant part of my health and fitness for the past eight years. There is a direct correlation between health and health outcomes and physical activity like biking. A joint University of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Transportation study released earlier this year found that commuting three times per week is linked to 46 percent lower odds of metabolic syndrome, 31 percent lower odds of obesity, and 28 percent lower odds of hypertension all of which lowers medical costs. In other words, frequent bicycling reduces heart disease and the likelihood of stroke, which has a significant and positive impact on what all of us pay in increased health care, health insurance and tax costs associated with obesity and poor health. Bike lanes and other bicycle infrastructure are critical to these positive health outcomes, because the safer and easier it is to bike, the more likely people will do it. Designer Fake Bags

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