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Replica Bags The legal ruling has no force 7a replica bags wholesale in Scotland (Image: Getty)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe celebrities won an cheap designer bags replica order replica bags online to stop reports in England but the injunction has no force in Scotland. A story about the good quality replica bags couple was published in the United States and is on the internet.Our digital content is read in England so we high replica bags cannot name them online or even feature the front page.The Sunday Mail headline in Scotland only read: America knows, the internet knows, now Scotland knows.Appeal judges Lord Rupert Jackson and Lady Justice Eleanor King handed down the decision in January and it was published in March.A fresh challenge to the ruling is expected replica designer bags wholesale to be brought by an English newspaper this week.Yesterday, campaigners said the Sunday Mail were right to name the A list couple.Press freedom supporter Mick Hume said: “In the age of the internet and social media, these injunctions are not just dangerous, they are proving to be pointless, counter productive and a waste of time.”It is right that the Sunday Mail should publish in the interests of free speech.”The best people can really hope for is replica designer backpacks that replica bags china injunctions postpone publication because, as we have already seen in previous cases, they do not prevent publication.”In fact, they can be counter productive by drawing attention to stories and inflate them beyond their original importance.”Even those who are not interested in the lives of celebrities should be concerned at the returnof the injunction.”They amount to something even more sinister privacy by the back door, decided by judges who are unelected and unaccountable.”Who are they to decide what is in the public interest? Let the facts be out there replica wallets and the public can decide for themselves.”Former Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who exposed footballer Ryan Giggs’s affair, naming him in the House Of Commons after he had won a super injunction, said: “While on the surface this may seem a rather trivial story, there are huge issues at stake.”There is freedom of speech itself a very important right.”This will also highlight the overuse of judicial secrecy, which is becoming a growing issue.”But here we also have a situation in which an individual is being told that if he talks about something which happened in his life, he could go to jail. That is an extremely powerful use of state power.”The law should be treating human beings equally, not biased towards those with loads of money over those disadvantaged by the fact that they don’t have loads of money.”Hume added: “There will be some cases in which an individual’s privacy should be protected by a court but they should be absolutely exceptional, not the default position.A string of celebrities have taken out injunctions and so called super injunctions to stop details of their private lives being published.In 2011, Giggs was granted a super injunction to prevent details of his affair with former BigBrother star Imogen Thomas being published Replica Bags.

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