Un gran palacio oriental albergará el Carnaval de Las mil y una noches


El Carnaval de ‘Las mil y una noches’ discurrirá sobre un gran palacio oriental de 1.422 metros cuadrados -1.565 en la Gala de elección de la Reina de las carnestolendas- que acogerá los diferentes concursos y galas de las fiestas que, en 2015, se celebrarán entre el 31 de enero y el 21 de febrero.

El escenario, presentado en la mañana de hoy, viernes 28 de noviembre, por la concejal de Cultura, Educación y Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, María Isabel García Bolta; el responsable de la creación, el diseñador Alberto Trujillo; y el director artístico del Carnaval, Israel Reyes, recreará un monumental y llamativo palacio oriental por el que desfilarán los distintos invitados, figurantes y participantes de los concursos y galas del Carnaval de 2015.

El decorado de Alberto Trujillo se inspira en los diferentes cuentos de la obra en la que está basada la alegoría de este año, Las mil y una noches, así como en la arquitectura oriental. El diseño juega con colores vistosos. Entre ellos, predomina el dorado como símbolo del poder, el lujo y la ostentación que caracterizaba a los propietarios de las sugerentes construcciones.

Sobre el escenario destaca una luna creciente, insignia de la cultura otomana, que envuelve una gran pantalla circular de 9 metros de diámetro. Otros elementos, como cúpulas, celosías, patios, jardines, galerías, pórticos y arcos de herradura ayudarán al espectador a trasladarse a las infinitas historias del Viejo Mundo que, bajo dirección artística de Israel Reyes, tendrán lugar en este palacio islámico.

Entre los elementos que el diseñador ha podido recuperar de otras ediciones se encuentran medias columnas, muros de piedra y capiteles, así como molduras, diablas, medias cúpulas, torreoncillos, banderolas y cipreses, incorporados con tal maestría que difícilmente se identificarán con su uso anterior.

La superficie total es de 1.565,40 metros cuadrados, que sin rampas y pasarelas quedan en una superficie total de 1.257 metros cuadrados. El ancho total es de 62.12 metros que, al incorporar a la escenografía la Casa Fataga, quedan en 70 metros. El punto más alto del mismo, la punta de la cúpula del edifico central, se encuentra a 19.26 metros y la embocadura mide 50 metros.

El escenario volverá a contar con una gran pasarela de 18 metros de largo por 5.14 de ancho que finaliza en una circunferencia de 54 metros cuadrados, por la que tan sólo las aspirantes a Reina de las fiestas pasearán sus diseños. Para el resto de actos se prescindirá de este elemento para ganar espacio en el patio de butacas.

Dos décadas han pasado desde que Alberto Trujillo realizara el primer diseño de escenario del Carnaval en 1995.

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I thinking of starting teaching runs because the amount of new

Concrete everywhere and if there is green space, it’s so contrived. There isn’t any “wild” places. Everything has a cost. It rare to find a subreddit moderator that comes anywhere close to impartial, so you already my favorite.I sorry if I was harsh or rude towards you. I sorry that I expected the commenters to understand what I meant by my post.I really did hope there were multiple guides that had already comprehensively examined the topic of melee builds, and I be able to just read through them.You being dishonest. I never presented my post that way.

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Guess I could have phrased that better

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre wasn’t received too kindly by critics. Harper’s, for one, called it ‘a vile little piece of sick crap.’ Roger Ebert said it was ‘without any apparent purpose, unless the creation of disgust and fright is a purpose.’ But its renown steadily grew, and many https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com appreciated its harrowing craft, comparing it to Alfred Hitchcock’s Pyscho. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was selected to the Director’s Fortnight of the 1975 Cannes Film Festival.

canada goose coats on sale The Provost was recounting a story. He had seen this professor after the professor began but before he was oriented. It very common to invite visiting professors to talk for Black History Month. Am female broadcast engineer. Been in industry canada goose factory outlet 10 canada goose outlet price years and whilst I’ve had a few occasions of overt sexism it’s been a significant minority in comparison to the positive experiences. Anyone worth their salt couldn’t give canada goose parka outlet uk a crap who you are or what you look like, they just want a canada goose outlet nyc job done right, quickly and cleanly. canada goose coats on sale

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buy canada goose jacket cheap However, there is distortion instead. Subtle distortion in music, more when I change the volume. Then, something new. I realize this is the car enthusiast subreddit, and i browse here mostly to look at supercars, canada goose outlet official but there are canada goose outlet benefits to not owning a vehicle.if you suck with maintenance, oil changes, don know how to change a tire, and are generally useless at car tasks, it is highly beneficial to have a subscription so that you don find yourself stranded on a highway at 3am praying someone doesn kill you. That is the exact opposite of owning a car in certain cases maintenance alone can become an albatross around your neck, bleeding you dry. Here you have a fixed cost (not counting gas).i own my car because i need it where i live now. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canadian goose jacket Can say I disagree with them either. Having had 5 week old twins and another youngster, I don see how any of that can be enjoyable for anyone. Guess I could have phrased that better. I feel like Parsons was a similar situation but the locker room has to adapt to the league, and we adapted.But I digress, the point is that I do not doubt Westbrooks athletic ability. He really is one of the best in the league right now, but that doesn mean there aren other players who could average a triple double if they decided they were more important canada goose outlet eu than the team. That why to me, while very impressive, the triple double season means little to nothing other than handing him an MVP strictly for numbers. canadian goose jacket

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But people who knew him will remember him by the slogan his

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