Power to ask for more As a work-from-home parent and the

canada goose I earn more than my husband — and I want people to know it Kelly Burch, LearnVest Feb. 14, 2018, 11:59 AM Earning more than your husband can bring financial peace of mind.isabela kronemberger/UnsplashIn recent years an increasing number of women have become the breadwinners of their households.This trend can guarantee financial independence and set a positive example for younger women.In 2015, almost a third of females earned more than their husbands. This past year I made more money than my husband. Significantly more. While this is the second year I’ve out-earned him, this was the first time the difference was substantial — about 25% more. And while I know it doesn’t really matter who earns more (our finances are completely shared and all income belongs to both of us equally, as do our debts), this fact makes me pretty damn proud. I run my own business from home, while my husband has a well-respected government job, so most people assume that he’s the primary breadwinner. When our mortgage broker heard I was a writer and my husband was a cop, all income questions were immediately directed to him. “She’s the earner,” my husband was quick to point out, with pride. And when I go over my income with my husband at the end of each month Canada Goose outlet , he usually jokes: “If you keep doing that, I’m retiring.” Of course, that’s not totally realistic, since his job provides great benefits and lots of stability, even if mine provides cash flow that gives us more flexibility. But he is happy that my income takes some financial burden off him. And I’ve realized some other benefits to my income, as well. Peace of mind Finances are a team effort in our household, but it’s also reassuring to know that if my husband’s income were ever to disappear, our family would be just fine. And although we’re happily married, in the unlikely event that we ever wanted to separate, there would be no financial pressure for me to stay in the relationship. Just knowing that gives me a level of independence and freedom that generations of women before me haven’t had. Power to ask for more As a work-from-home parent and the primary child-care provider for our family, I carry much more than 50% of the unpaid work that must be done to keep our family functioning. Although I make more money, my husband works more hours in a high-stress and dangerous job (while I write this article from a rocking chair). Because of this, I’m mindful of making his life easier when he’s home www.fanclub-fulton-smith.de , even if that means taking extra onto my plate. Still, I’ve noticed that I am most comfortable asking for more contributions from my partner when my earnings are high, although I understand that I’d be entitled to voice my expectations even if I were bringing in no income. An example for my daughters I’m certainly not alone in out-earning my male partner. In 2015, 29% of women made more than their husbands in marriages where both partners worked. But many women are still hesitant to talk about their incomes or discuss finances openly, which contributes to them earning less and is part of the reason why our society still defaults to the assumption that men are the primary earners. When my husband and I got married, I assumed my work would be secondary to my husband’s as I took time off to have babies and raise young kids. It’s what I wanted, but also what society had conditioned me to expect. Instead, I’ve built a successful business and found a career that fulfills me and serves our family in a climate that tells me it’s impossible for women to have it all. And as I raise two daughters in a world where women are increasingly claiming the space they deserve, starting a conversation about earning power — and taking pride in mine — is one little way I can challenge assumptions about what it means to be a working mom and wife. Read the original article on LearnVest. Copyright 2018. Follow LearnVest on Twitter. SEE ALSO: The 'starve and stack' method could help you save $50,000 in 2 years — here's how to implement it in your own life canada goose parka

People connect with plants in many different ways

uk canada goose A fast bike leg means absolutely nothing if you used all your energy to produce a fast bike split. In the end your run will pay for it. Look at the pro who have these phenom bike splits, and still lose the race because they blew all their energy on the bike. uk canada goose

canada goose uk black friday See what I think is someone, namely OP, has maybe seen “Up In Smoke”. Hilarious movie, one of the greatest comedies of all time IMO, but he saw it. One of the first scenes canada goose outlet reviews is Cheech picking up Chong and them smoking a “joint” of “Labrador”, because Tommy dog ate the pot and then shit it out. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Jackets But who really knows what 85 percent versus 90 percent looks like from one person to the next? For canada goose outlet in usa you, 70 percent might be a whole lot better than what you’re doing now. Improvement and consistency over time are what matter. Your healthy choices will get easier and more rewarding goose outlet canada as you go.. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka We heard from young people living in small spaces and growing food in pots; gardeners who created year round canada goose outlet store uk colour; people who provided habitats for wildlife; those whose gardens were touching memorials for lost loved ones; and from many who viewed their gardens as a sanctuary where they could escape and recharge from the stresses of life.Many who responded expressed the sense of artistic creativity they experienced when working with plants, using them as a palette to engage their senses canada goose outlet store with fragrance, touch and even sound with plants like a quaking aspen, whose leaves rustle in the slightest breeze.One response in particular, has stayed with me. It was from canada goose jacket outlet a grandmother who was teaching her young grandchild to understand our connectivity with nature and to appreciate wildlife and critters like insects, frogs and birds.People connect with plants in many different ways. For some folks it means growing their favourite foods: veggies, berry canada goose outlet black friday fruits, a collection canada goose outlet uk of herbs or small fruit trees, including exotics like persimmons, to enjoy fresh organic flavours.Gardens can be calm, quiet sanctuaries for healing and recharging our energy.Others get great pleasure from canada goose outlet nyc filling their patios, large or small, with containers of nature bountiful colours and perfumes. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance Secondary Diabetes: canada goose outlet Caused due to drugs like steroids or spread of viral infections which affect pancreas or due to enormous intake of alcohol. When insulin producing cells are destroyed, one canada goose outlet becomes a patient. Archana Juneja, consultant endocrinologist, Wockhardt Hospitals A Network of Fortis. canada goose clearance

canada goose store Unfortunately, we canada goose outlet sale constantly try to pass on canada goose outlet online inherited magical abilities in, so to say, a natural way. Results of these pseudo canada goose outlet uk sale experiments can be seen all too often in town gutters and within temple walls. We see too many of them, and too frequently come across morons and women in catatonic state, dribbling seers who soil themselves, seeresses, village oracles and miracle workers, canada goose outlet jackets cretins whose minds are degenerate due to the inherited, uncontrolled Force. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket Other studies have shown that calories consumed late at night are more likely to be stored as fat, canada goose outlet new york city an evolutionary holdover from a time when food was scarce. We crave fatty, carb heavy things at night, because our bodies want to hold onto those calories. In the past, this helped our ancestors survive periods of starvation, but today, with a McDonald’s gracing every other corner, it’s helping to make us sick.. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose sale A: It is not a bias. What I want to emphasize to you is it is not a bias. I do not canada goose outlet shop believe in a target by the way; that is important. It is widely believed that plant canada goose outlet toronto factory chemicals called sulphoraphanes will change how a woman metabolizes her canada goose factory outlet own hormones. Sulphoraphanes are found in high amounts in canada goose outlet canada the cabbage vegetable family official canada goose outlet and are especially high in kale and broccoli. For the woman who does not eat these foods on a regular basis in her diet, she may choose to take an encapsulated form as an insurance policy.. Canada Goose sale

uk canada goose outlet In glorious cobbled Mermaid Street in the historic heart of Rye, a creeper covered 16th century house makes an endearingly off beat b Long time owners, Jenny Hadfield and Richard Martin like to greet their guests personally and guide them through the warren of steps and passages to their rooms. Welcoming and traditional, many of these have brass, mahogany or four poster beds. Downstairs, there are blazing fires, antiques, an honesty bar and impressive galleried breakfast room in a former chapel.. uk canada goose outlet

cheap Canada Goose Abuse of that magnitude constitutes one of the largest Catholic Church scandals in Europe. But at the same time, it is not altogether surprising to many church watchers. Evidence of widespread abuse and its coverup https://www.forcanadagoose.ru has been found in every jurisdiction that has launched an investigation. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats And it’s not just one family that noticed the difference. Families across Ireland are doing the same thing. Family of five, the Gallaghers, saved a whopping 373 over four weeks. My canada goose black friday sale hope is that in five years or less, we will be able to canada goose outlet online uk customize our diets based on a simple drop of blood. But until then, my advice is to look at the whole picture instead of just one factor. You can do this by working with a Functional Medicine practitioner who can test you for food intolerances, check out the state of your gut, identify nutritional deficiencies among other factors, to give you a complete picture of the state of your body canada goose coats.

Check bills for accuracy: implee will double check to make

canada goose Consumers Now Have A Secret Weapon To Save On Medical Bills Zachry Floro Jun. 27, 2012 www.canadagooseoutlets.biz , 12:24 AM SimpleeNow there’s really no excuse for overpaying for healthcare. Simplee.com just launched a new service that helps track your medical bills and make sure they’re error free. In 2011, American families spent on average $8,000 for basic health care costs and consumers have continued to make the same costly mistakes over and over canadagooseoutlets , Joshua Greenberg, the CEO of HealthCPA told BI. By not being persistent and double-checking that everything is correct, many of us needlessly pay hundreds or thousands of dollars extra for health care. But with Simplee.com’s free new service that might become a thing of the past. Here’s how it works: Getting started: Simplee guides you step-by-step through the process of connecting your health care accounts to your Simplee page. Once this is done, the company will safely store a copy of your bills and medical records online. Don’t worry about privacy issue s, Simplee is compliant with all HIPAA regulations. Check bills for accuracy: implee will double check to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes on your bill and that your insurance is actually paying its fair share. Compare your costs: If you need to have a certain procedure done like an MRI, search Simplee to find out the average cost in your area. Pick the best plan: Shopping around for a new health care plan? Simplee takes into account what doctors you use, how often you see them, and which services you’d like to use most. Say goodbye to late payments: Simplee tracks all your bills and lets you set alerts for when you haven’t paid a bill. DON’T MISS: These facts will make you terrified to buy drugs online > canada goose parka

Un gran palacio oriental albergará el Carnaval de Las mil y una noches


El Carnaval de ‘Las mil y una noches’ discurrirá sobre un gran palacio oriental de 1.422 metros cuadrados -1.565 en la Gala de elección de la Reina de las carnestolendas- que acogerá los diferentes concursos y galas de las fiestas que, en 2015, se celebrarán entre el 31 de enero y el 21 de febrero.

El escenario, presentado en la mañana de hoy, viernes 28 de noviembre, por la concejal de Cultura, Educación y Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, María Isabel García Bolta; el responsable de la creación, el diseñador Alberto Trujillo; y el director artístico del Carnaval, Israel Reyes, recreará un monumental y llamativo palacio oriental por el que desfilarán los distintos invitados, figurantes y participantes de los concursos y galas del Carnaval de 2015.

El decorado de Alberto Trujillo se inspira en los diferentes cuentos de la obra en la que está basada la alegoría de este año, Las mil y una noches, así como en la arquitectura oriental. El diseño juega con colores vistosos. Entre ellos, predomina el dorado como símbolo del poder, el lujo y la ostentación que caracterizaba a los propietarios de las sugerentes construcciones.

Sobre el escenario destaca una luna creciente, insignia de la cultura otomana, que envuelve una gran pantalla circular de 9 metros de diámetro. Otros elementos, como cúpulas, celosías, patios, jardines, galerías, pórticos y arcos de herradura ayudarán al espectador a trasladarse a las infinitas historias del Viejo Mundo que, bajo dirección artística de Israel Reyes, tendrán lugar en este palacio islámico.

Entre los elementos que el diseñador ha podido recuperar de otras ediciones se encuentran medias columnas, muros de piedra y capiteles, así como molduras, diablas, medias cúpulas, torreoncillos, banderolas y cipreses, incorporados con tal maestría que difícilmente se identificarán con su uso anterior.

La superficie total es de 1.565,40 metros cuadrados, que sin rampas y pasarelas quedan en una superficie total de 1.257 metros cuadrados. El ancho total es de 62.12 metros que, al incorporar a la escenografía la Casa Fataga, quedan en 70 metros. El punto más alto del mismo, la punta de la cúpula del edifico central, se encuentra a 19.26 metros y la embocadura mide 50 metros.

El escenario volverá a contar con una gran pasarela de 18 metros de largo por 5.14 de ancho que finaliza en una circunferencia de 54 metros cuadrados, por la que tan sólo las aspirantes a Reina de las fiestas pasearán sus diseños. Para el resto de actos se prescindirá de este elemento para ganar espacio en el patio de butacas.

Dos décadas han pasado desde que Alberto Trujillo realizara el primer diseño de escenario del Carnaval en 1995.

40% and above percentile for SC/ST/OBC

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Also cheap wigs, there some cool community events.durtduhdurr 1 point submitted 2 days agoPedophiles are incapable of rehabilitation. You think his kid hasn been abused as well? Maybe he not the right age yet. Maybe he being groomed by his dad. Top Notch by Jon Renau is a hair piece that adds vivacious volume and mixes naturally with your own hair. Worn on the crown, this topper integrates with your own hair to add body. It features a monofilament base that allows multidirectional styling and lets you part your hair where you want.

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wigs What’s Her Baby?: A line of two toddler type dolls with rooted hair instead of a wig. Kissy Face has rubber stamping lips that extend from the face by way of a lever in the back. The lips could also be traded for a pacifier. 8 points submitted 1 month agoNot going to lie my dude, I read this post 3x and each time it made me sad. You have redeeming qualities and I not interested in being told otherwise. Even the way you formulate a reddit post is somewhat engaging. wigs

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When it comes to buying a home

canada goose 3 Absolute Musts for Buying a Home – Without the Stress! Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Trulia.com's Real Estate Realist May 25, 2011, 9:11 PM Major money transactions are stressful. Moving is stressful. Big life commitments are stressful. Put ‘em all together, and what do you have? The home buying process (and the potential for one of the most stressful life experiences you’ll ever have)! But even in this volatile market where distressed properties – and people! – are commonplace, it is possible to maintain your sanity in the midst of a real estate deal – I promise. Here are 3 money, mindset and calendar management strategies for buying a home, without stressing entirely out. 1. Work the Boy Scout program: be prepared. Scrambling for money and documents that the lender, unexpectedly, “requires” to close has got to rank up there in the top couple of stressors that buyers experience. Once you get into contract and, especially, once you’ve removed contingencies and put your deposit money on the line, every request that your lender makes seems like a ransom demand for your home – and your life, as you’d planned it. Avoid this scrambling by being prepared. If you are planning to buy a home down the road, consult a mortgage broker and real estate pro early on in your planning process, so you can know what kind of cash you’ll realistically need to close the deal – before you start the buying process. You might keep hearing about 3.5% down FHA loans, but your local pros can reality check you that it might cost an addition 5 or 6% of the purchase price just to close such a loan, in your area and price range! If they give you a range, err on the high side – penny-scraping buyers are generally the most stressed of them all, as they are the ones whose deals are most likely to be entirely derailed if there’s an uptick in interest rates, say, during the time they are house hunting or in escrow, or if the homeowners’ insurance costs a bit more than they planned. And have all your documents ready, too – things like divorce decrees, tax returns, updated check stubs, documentation of bills that you’ve recently paid down or off , even driver’s licenses (you wouldn’t believe the number of people who can’t produce ID when the notary needs it at the closing table!), keep all these items at the ready in case your lender requires them. By the same universal law that renders my dogs smarter and faster the wetter they get, it seems like lenders require the most documentation of the folks who have no idea where their most important papers are. Last, but not least, there’s also an education element of preparedness. Educate yourself about the standard practices and timelines for a real estate transaction in your local market (your agent will surely be able to brief you on this, and you can also peruse Trulia Voices Community to sample the experiences of other folks buying right now in your area.) If you’re buying a bank-owned property or a short-sale, educate yourself about what this will entail – spend some time reading up on the rollercoaster of Wild Westiness (a mixed metaphor, I know, but still appropriate) that some distressed property sales can be, from the buyer’s point of view. When it comes to buying a home, realistic expectations will set you free. Stress-free, that is. 2. Keep your timelines as flexible as possible, as long as possible. Rarely does the sun set in America without some homebuyer (or 5) near you lying awake in bed wondering how long they’ll have to: a) keep bunking with their in-laws, b) keep paying the nightly rate for the all-suite hotel down the street from the place they’re buying, c) keep paying the daily fee for the moving truck which is parked outside, containing everything they own, d) keep begging their landlord to please, please, please give them another 24 hours – and they swearing they’ll be out after that (even though they said that yesterday!), e) keep pushing back the vacation days they took off work for the move that seems like it will never happen, or f) some combination or all of the above, all because their escrow is not closing on the timeline they expected it to. There are as many reasons for late escrow closings as there are insomniac homebuyers facing this issue: buyer’s loan underwriting is taking too long, seller’s short sale application is still being processed, appraisal is glitchy, bank-owned property asset manager is slow to produce the necessary signatures, and the list goes on. More important than knowing the causes, though canada goose coats , is having the awareness that escrow closing dates are not set in stone until the end is very, very near – and that the problem of delayed closing comes up with ever-increasing frequency these days. Buyers who are trying to time their closing so that they move out of their apartment on the exact day they plan to close are likely to be disappointed – and temporarily homeless – in the current market climate. Best practice is to plan on some overlapping days, weeks or even a month between the time you should be able to move into your next home, and the time you must be out of your current home, if you can afford it. Keep your moving plans flexible as long as possible – I’ve know a number of buyers who didn’t realize their move would be delayed until they were signing their closing docs! Also, it’s sanity-making to try to keep some flexibility about your daily calendar while you are in escrow, lest you need to show up at the property and get some additional inspections, unexpectedly, which were recommended by your inspector. If you only have a couple of days before you must remove your inspection contingency www.rkliedtke.de , you might have to drop everything and stop in at the place for an hour here or there. You might also need to stop in at the bank – in person – to wire cash when it’s time to increase your deposit or pay your down payment or closing costs into escrow. This cannot usually be done over the phone or outside of banker’s hours, so if you can be a bit flexible for these outings, calendar-wise, you’ll be in good shape. 3. Pre-approve the folks across the bargaining table from you. There’s nothing worse than doing every thing you’re supposed to do, then having the deal fall apart at the last minute, through no fault of your own. I’ve known scores of buyers whose short sales failed to get approved by the seller’s bank and fell out of escrow as a result. I’ve also seen and heard from buyers whose deals died when their intended properties failed to meet the buyer’s mortgage guidelines because of condition problems like incomplete kitchen remodel jobs, mold or electrical problems and high-cost pest report items that neither the buyer nor the seller can afford to repair. These ailing transactions can be prevented by early diagnosis: vet the other party’s qualifications and ability to close the deal, before you get into contract. For buyers, this can mean having your agent collect as much information as possible about the seller’s equity position, how underwater the home is, which banks are involved and how successful the listing agent is at closing short sale transactions – all of these things can give your agent and yourself a big old clue as to whether a short sale is likely to close. Similarly, if you’re getting an FHA loan, before you make an offer, walk through the property with your agent and troubleshoot it for condition problems that might come up during the appraisal. With this information you can make an informed decision whether to move forward and try to buy the place; if you get into contract knowing it’s a crap shoot, at least you’ll have realistic expectations – the sort that are very difficult to disappoint.P.S. – You should follow Trulia and Tara on Facebook, too!Read more posts on Trulia’s Real Estate Realist » Read the original article on Trulia.com's Real Estate Realist. Copyright 2018. canada goose parka

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An Israeli doctor suggested the premature infant irregular

One of the things I’m most interested in is working out when a limit is (1) a full stop limit, (2) a limit that needs to be allowed to work itself out on its own, or (3) a limit that someone actually wants to change. For example (1) something the person never wants to do which should be left alone, (2) something the person maybe wants to do in future but which should be left alone until they are comfortable or (3) something that the person is uncertain of but wants to do and asks for help getting past their limit. Possibly (3) wouldn’t even be a limit.

sex toys I don recall Portugal as having non leftist governments in the mid 70s; then again, it wasn in t he news all that much here. To some extent, the post Salazar government in Portugal and the movements which came out on top in Angola Mozambique (not sure if the other Portuguese African territories were included) were portrayed in US media, even the more liberal ones, as three branches of a more or less single moment. (Some of the flakier conservative elements in the US called for supporting Azores nationalism.). sex toys

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cheap sex toys The oral cavity is a the opening to the body digestive system like the opening of a sewer. I rather be safe than sorryI am pretty sure I have heard that one should NOT brush their teeth or scrape their tongue just prior to having sex as you may cause skin breakage/bleeding of gums that could leave you or your partner much more open to receiving bacterias /I am pretty sure I have heard that one should NOT brush their teeth or scrape their tongue just prior to having sex as you may cause skin breakage/bleeding of gums that could leave you or your partner much more open to receiving bacterias / STIsI guess if you are using a barrier that should eliminate that risk, however I just thought I should mention itI don use them, but I am married and both my wife and I were tested for everything early on in our relationship. We are completely monogamous, so there is no issue of multiple partners or casual sexHonestly, I do not like the protection available when it comes to sex with a woman (gloves, dental dams, etc.)However, I don find that an issue since I can have sex with someone I don have a deep comittment to. cheap sex toys

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vibrators Before becoming a dad, I was 100 per cent reckless but now it’s only like 70 per cent. I lost my dad when I was 25 after my wife Shara [Cannings Knight] and I had just got married. It really rocked me to the core and it’s still raw. Hi. There have been lots of people who have pissed me off. Sometimes I [feel angry and like I have the impulse to do something to them physically that isn’t okay]. vibrators

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But the chain is now passing on savings to customers who shop

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