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So, I was doing my drawing with Zentangle aspects in the

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Or you know, cognitive dissonance

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Neither one would break the deal

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And I will lay you ten to one that after you have answered the

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The artist retains ownership of the image and can continue to

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On the other hand Google, which placed a black bar over its

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We’ll talk about those in a second

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For instance, if you are thinking of working with snow or ice

A similar proposal about a year ago by an Abu Dhabi based firm, suggested relieving water shortages in the United Arab Emirates by towing an iceberg holding 20 billion gallons (76 billion liters) of fresh water to the coast of Fujairah, on the east coast of the Gulf of Oman. According to the firm, once anchored here, the iceberg could meet the needs of a million people for five years, as well as offer a tourist attraction and change the local climate to spur more rainfall. Here’s a video presentation outlining the proposal:.

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