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El Ayuntamiento amplía el plazo para votar entre los cinco finalistas a cartel del Carnaval de Las mil y una noches 2015

 Las propuestas escogidas por el jurado estarán sometidas a votación hasta las 12:00 horas, del próximo lunes 30 de junio, en el portal digital participacion.laspalmasgc.es

El Ayuntamiento amplía el plazo para votar por el cartel que mejor resuelva la alegoría del Carnaval de Las mil y una noches, hasta las 12:00 horas, del próximo lunes 30 de junio.

Los ciudadanos contarán con un fin de semana más para registrarse en el portal digital participacion.laspalmasgc.com y decidir con su voto la imagen que trasladará al resto del mundo la fiesta grande de la ciudad. La nueva fecha otorga a los comicios un total de tres semanas completas, desde que se abriera el pasado lunes 9 de junio.

El Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2015 contará con un cartel que, por segundo año consecutivo, una vez resuelta la selección de propuestas por el jurado que integran profesionales del mundo del Carnaval, de los medios de comunicación y del diseño gráfico, será decidido por el voto de los ciudadanos registrados en la web de referencia, participacion.laspalmasgc.es, en donde también se ha decidido la alegoría de la edición. El trabajo que más votos registre, el lunes 30, a la hora especificada, será finalmente designado Cartel del Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2015.

Los cinco trabajos finalistas -dos versiones de Sherezade, una colchoneta voladora, un sultán y un palacio- recrean el tema de la edición, e invitan a participar de un mundo de califas y princesas que convertirá la ciudad en un cuento del Oriente Medio medieval.

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Once the boys complete the mission

Niche internet dating sites are sites who cater to a specific membership base. For example, there are sites dedicated to members of a specific religious preference, ethnicities, sexual preference (or fetish yikes!), special hobbies and interests or age demographic. Only looking for Christians? Only looking for other single parents? You get the idea..

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Its bed range includes sheet sets

Metro unsolicited proposal policy allows the private sector to submit ideas to the agency. All proposals are subject to a phase one analysis within 60 days of being received and Metro can then choose to advance proposals to a more detailed phase two review. Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies, which is funded by former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, submitted the initial bid in April..

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Membership fees, or dues, are established based on a budget

(We were already up by two at that point.) I instinctively clapped for them and yelled “Well done!” only to be greeted by a glare from another Dad. “What? You mean I can’t clap for the other side?” I asked, chiding him. “Clapping’s fine,” he retorted.

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You can see the remains of the cultures that go back beyond 11

so we should go ahead and declare it

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By the way, every so often I get letters from viewers

In 2004, female cyclists began travelling abroad under the Iraqi national flag, but these gains were marred by the increasing danger the nation’s athletes faced beyond the Kurdistan region. Civilians were targeted because of their sect, and professionals were targeted as a way of sowing terror. Mahmoud Ahmed Fulayih, the k coach of the Iraq men’s cycling team, was kidnapped and killed near Baghdad in 2006..

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Despite anger and mockery, Miller faced up to his mistake,

Six reasons why making mistakes can be good for you

moncler outlet sale 1. It how we learn moncler outlet sale

moncler mens jackets We all heard the old saying learn Moncler Outlet from your mistakes but trial and error really is a significant part of how our brains and skills develop. Think of a toddler learning to walk, a gymnast perfecting a routine, or a Bake Off contestant cooking the same cake 20 times in preparation for a Showstopper challenge. moncler mens jackets

moncler outlet store Psychologists at Michigan State University have shown that in order to learn from our mistakes, it helps to have a mindset or moncler sale a belief that intelligence is something we can work cheap moncler outlet on and develop. In a study of 123 children, they observed that those who thought intelligence was not fixed paid more attention to their mistakes, and so learned more. moncler outlet store

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cheap moncler outlet Not all moncler jacket sale mistakes have upsides, but many of them do just ask anyone who ever found a few pounds down the back of the sofa while looking for their lost keys. But errors made by inventors have led to even greater discoveries, including the microwave, the pacemaker and the Post It note. cheap moncler outlet

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

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cheap moncler jackets If it weren for a small mistake made by Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming in 1928, the last 90 years could have looked very different. Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin after a petri dish he had left out while on holiday became contaminated with the mould penicillium notatum. He moncler outlet store noticed that where the mould grew bacteria didn and this led to the development and production of penicillin. Since then, the infection fighting drug has helped save millions of lives. cheap moncler jackets

3. It teaches us about who we are

When Oscar Wilde wrote that is the name everyone gives to their mistakes his wit hit on something pretty important: messing things up is a crucial part of learning about ourselves and our lives.

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moncler outlet online https://www.moncleroutletssale.com On the morning of 22 October 1844, Miller was faced with thousands of distraught disciples when the Second Coming of Jesus he had foretold failed to materialise. Despite anger and mockery, Miller faced up to his mistake, issuing an and Defense in which he said: “We expected the personal coming of Christ at that time; and now to contend that we were not mistaken, is dishonest. We should never be ashamed to frankly confess all our errors.” moncler moncler outlet online outlet online

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Theodore Roosevelt said, only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. While fear of failure can often prevent us from trying new things, accepting mistakes as a part of life can have the opposite effect freeing us up to pursue our goals without limitation.

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monlcer down jackets From Shakespeare A Comedy of Errors to John Cleese Fawlty Towers, many of our most popular comedies are built on gaffes and misunderstandings because, with a bit of distance, mistakes can be very funny. So, while you may still cringe about getting locked out of the house in your pyjamas this morning, chances are you soon be chuckling about it. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking monlcer down jackets.