El diseño de Jorge Leal sobre una libre interpretación de una alfombra voladora será el motivo del cartel del Carnaval de ‘Las mil y una noches’ de LPGC 2015

 Los internautas han decidido con sus votos, entre el 9 de junio y las 12.00 horas de hoy, 30 de junio, a través de www.participacion.laspalmasgc.es, la imagen que promocionará las fiestas


El Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2015, organizado por el Ayuntamiento capitalino, contará con un cartel conformado por múltiples elementos que evocan la alegoría de la edición, Las mil y una noches, entre los que destaca un objeto diferenciado, una llamativa colchoneta hinchable que hace las veces de alfombra voladora. Sobre ella, una sugerente y difusa odalisca sostiene una lámpara maravillosa portadora de la magia del Carnaval.

De los 2.578 votos registrados desde la apertura de las votaciones, el pasado lunes 9 de junio, hasta el cierre de las mismas, a las 12:00 horas de hoy, lunes 30 de junio, 1.446 han ido a parar a la obra firmada por el diseñador gráfico Jorge Leal, una propuesta que desde el principio de los comicios se mantuvo en los primeros puestos del ranking. En segunda posición quedó la imagen protagonizada por un palacio coronado por una luna creciente, símbolo del Imperio Otomano, que acaparó 915 votos, y las otras tres propuestas -dos versiones de Scherezade y un sultán canino- se repartieron el resto de los votos.

La opción presentada por Jorge Leal hace referencia a los cuentos de Sherezade y las Mil y una noches, en concreto, según explica el autor “se centra en uno de sus libros: Aladino y lámpara mágica”.

El objeto central y guiño de humor lo pone el elemento destacado de la creación, la colchoneta, que sobre un fondo de textos manuscritos juega a crear cierto paralelismo entre la alegoría de la edición y el espíritu de la fiesta. Leal explica que “si bien Las mil y una noches es la concatenación de cuentos, el Carnaval suma los diferentes cuentos que se viven cada una de las noches de fiesta. La colchoneta”, continúa el diseñador, “sintetiza la idea de soñar y disfrutar, dos características que definen el Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”.

El autor

Jorge Leal es un profesional del diseño gráfico con formación y experiencia acreditada en el área de la Gráfica Publicitaria, campo en el que lleva más de 17 años en activo, actualmente como freelance. Especializado en retoque digital y cartelería en campañas de promoción de imagen o producto, Leal se ha presentado al concurso de las carnestolendas en 9 ocasiones, resultando finalista en dos de las mismas.

Dentro del porfolio de este diseñador nacido en 1972 y natural de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria se incluye la serie Apocalipsis en Gran Canaria, una visión futurista que convierte a la ciudad en un amasijo de escombros, destrucción y silencio, a través de una serie de instantáneas trabajadas que le ha reportado, además de un premio de fotografía, reconocimiento y difusión en redes sociales.


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El Ayuntamiento amplía el plazo para votar entre los cinco finalistas a cartel del Carnaval de Las mil y una noches 2015

 Las propuestas escogidas por el jurado estarán sometidas a votación hasta las 12:00 horas, del próximo lunes 30 de junio, en el portal digital participacion.laspalmasgc.es

El Ayuntamiento amplía el plazo para votar por el cartel que mejor resuelva la alegoría del Carnaval de Las mil y una noches, hasta las 12:00 horas, del próximo lunes 30 de junio.

Los ciudadanos contarán con un fin de semana más para registrarse en el portal digital participacion.laspalmasgc.com y decidir con su voto la imagen que trasladará al resto del mundo la fiesta grande de la ciudad. La nueva fecha otorga a los comicios un total de tres semanas completas, desde que se abriera el pasado lunes 9 de junio.

El Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2015 contará con un cartel que, por segundo año consecutivo, una vez resuelta la selección de propuestas por el jurado que integran profesionales del mundo del Carnaval, de los medios de comunicación y del diseño gráfico, será decidido por el voto de los ciudadanos registrados en la web de referencia, participacion.laspalmasgc.es, en donde también se ha decidido la alegoría de la edición. El trabajo que más votos registre, el lunes 30, a la hora especificada, será finalmente designado Cartel del Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2015.

Los cinco trabajos finalistas -dos versiones de Sherezade, una colchoneta voladora, un sultán y un palacio- recrean el tema de la edición, e invitan a participar de un mundo de califas y princesas que convertirá la ciudad en un cuento del Oriente Medio medieval.

We shame the boy for raising points

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States with lower incidence (5

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Canada Goose Outlet Peafowl are not native to Texas. They are imports from India and Southeast Asia, recognized and appreciated for their beauty and fantastic tail feathers. The blue peacock comes from canada goose coats on sale India and Sri Lanka, while the green peacock is native to Java and Myanmar (Burma). A less known species, inhabits African rain forests referred to as the Congo peacock. So pretty, buy canada goose jacket cheap the birds Canada Goose Jackets have been imported to large parks, zoos and wealthy estates around the world as stately yard ornaments. In Texas, some canada goose uk shop of that may have also been the case.

canada goose coats on sale The Houston peafowl Canada Goose Online suburban legend has it that these birds were introduced in 1980 through people with a ten acre property on Whitewing, in West Houston. Today, there are reports of feral peacocks in Memorial neighborhoods, the Spring Creek area and other canada goose uk outlet areas. There are also peafowl in Dallas, Arlington, Grapevine, Galveston and other cities. Conroe has a breeding business in Peafowl. A farm raised bird will Canada Goose online cost you from uk canada goose outlet $100 to $200 each.

buy canada goose jacket Most of the time peafowl are decorative and people love them. Oh, there are complaints about peafowl bombs. You know, what drops from the south end after eating. It can be as bad as goose droppings. The real complaining, however, comes during the breeding canada goose uk black friday season (March through August) when they sing (scream like a yowling cat) to attract mates and attack anything they mistake for a competitor.

Canada Goose Parka Peafowl Mating Season Glamor and AnnoyanceDuring the spring mating season in Arlington, these slender dainty birds are known to be highly Canada Goose Parka aggressive, attacking other birds buy canada goose jacket while competing for mates and, like canada goose clearance sale our little friends canada goose store the Cardinal, they will attack their reflection in car finish and windows. The difference is, these are larger birds and their sharp talons can cause serious damage to car paint canadian goose jacket and people.

Canada Goose Jackets In 1969, residents of Arlington put mirrors canada goose factory sale in their yards uk canada goose to attract the attention of aggressive males to help stop assaults on people. Yes, the distracted bird will see their reflection and peck at the mirrors. This is only a problem when there are more males than hens; a dire situation for a bird species that gathers harems like deer herds. The group, however, are not not called a herd. A group of peafowl are referred to as a party.

canada goose store When the males seek out canada goose black friday sale peahens, they go into peacock dance mode. They raise their long tail feathers and fan them out. Then they shake, fluttering their tails like the wind blowing through an oak tree to get her attention. They will also turn their backs and sway back and forth to show off their fluffy rump feathers like the bird in the video below.

cheap Canada Goose Peahens and ParentingA canada goose coats peahen, Canada Goose sale unlike her glorious colored mate, is canada goose clearance colored soft brown and gray with a white chest and belly and light green in their neck feathers. The colors blend into grasses and leaf strewn canada goose grounds so well; a female nesting on the ground is almost invisible. She will lay 2 to 6 eggs, but a few she uses as diversionary fodder. She will lay an egg or two as a decoy nest sometimes out in the open on the ground. Her serious final nest is carefully hidden. She will incubate the eggs for 28 cheap canada goose uk days. Until the chicks come, she will only leave the canada goose coats nest once a Canada Goose Coats On Sale day to eat making loud noises far from the nest to divert predators.

canada goose clearance When the chicks fledge, they follow mother around learning what is good to eat. The peahen teaches by pointing to the right bugs with her beak and making a grunting call. The chicks all gather together probing where she points and gobbling https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com up whatever is there. Within a few days the chicks can fly and will then roost in trees at night with their mother, who will spread her wings over them for protection. It takes 4 years for a peafowl to reach full growth.

canada goose black friday sale Peafowl Foraging and DeterrencePeafowl are omnivores. They eat a multitude of insects, small snakes, lizards, green shoots and other plants. This isn’t a problem until they also start eating garden plants and flowers. Petunias seem to be their favorite. When they go after gardens, they can cause a great deal of discontent.

canada goose clearance sale The Best Ways to Deter Peafowl

canada goose deals Do not feed them

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buy canada goose jacket cheap To keep them out of gardens run bright colored streamers over flower beds.

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The investigation was looking at whether the same lot was sold

canada goose clearance sale Petrochemicals latest China commodity to be hit

buy canada goose jacket cheap BEIJING, July 3 (Reuters) Chinese petrochemical imports have become the latest commodity financing tool to come under investigation for possible fraud, highlighting the risks from the widespread use of raw materials as collateral to raise canada goose uk shop loans and skirt credit restrictions.

Commodity financing deals in China, which Goldman Sachs has estimated to be worth as much as $160 billion, have come under close scrutiny after an alleged metal financing fraud at canada goose factory sale Qingdao Port, a huge trading hub in eastern China.

Now police in northern China are investigating another suspected fraud at Tianjin Port near Beijing, police and trade sources said, involving aromatics a refinery product commonly used for blending petrol.

The use of commodities, from traditional copper sheets to perishables such as soybeans and rubber, to raise finance has canada goose coats been increasingly popular in recent years as Chinese policymakers have sought to tamp down rapid credit growth.

That has added to the build up of credit in the so called shadow banking system trillions of dollars in non bank lending that is seen by analysts as one of Canada Goose sale the key risks to China economy and also increased the potential for fraud.

Canada Goose sale In Qingdao, China third largest port, police are investigating whether a private metals trader, Decheng Mining, had duplicated warehouse receipts so that a cargo of metal could be used multiple times to obtain financing.

canada goose coats on sale The concerns raised by that investigation have forced banks and trading houses to consider new controls in the country canada goose clearance sale massive commodity financing business, which traders say could lead to the drying up of credit for canada goose uk outlet all but large firms and state owned companies.

cheap Canada Goose MIXED AROMATICS The Tianjin case appears much smaller, but illustrates the breadth canada goose of the use of industrial materials in financing.

canada goose A local unit of state run PetroChina trading arm Chinaoil, paid more than 40 million yuan ($6.45 million) for about 4,000 tonnes of mixed aromatics stored at a tank in the city, according to a Chinaoil source and another trader who Canada Goose Outlet frequently does business with the Canada Goose Coats On Sale firm.

The case, involving canada goose clearance a private Chinese fuel company and a trader suspected of contract fraud, is now under police investigation, according to two police sources cheap canada goose uk and Canada Goose Parka traders.

Canada Goose online went to the police after realizing that the 4,000 Canada Goose Jackets tonnes bought could not be delivered, said the Chinaoil source, who has direct knowledge of the case. Chinaoil officials and a PetroChina spokesman did not respond to calls or text messages seeking comment.

Details of the alleged fraud remain unclear, but the two trading sources said it involved at least one 30,000 tonne cargo worth around 300 million yuan ($48.3 million) stored at a tank in Tianjin. Chinaoil purchase was part of that cargo, they said.

Canada Goose Jackets The sources said the certificate of ownership Chinaoil received on payment may have been duplicated. The investigation was looking at whether the same lot was sold to multiple buyers, and whether it was used to raise loans, they said.

Chinaoil has since banned its regional offices from trading mixed aromatics, allowing only traders at its Beijing headquarters to deal with the fuel, said the Chinaoil source.

Canada Goose Outlet At least two other, private companies were also potential victims of the suspected fraud, the sources said.

canada goose clearance FINANCING TOOL Mixed aromatics, also known as reformates, have become increasingly popular as a financing tool in recent years, as China has tightened credit and canada goose coats on sale companies look canada goose black friday sale to profit from interest rate differentials.

canada goose store Typically, importers buy a cargo using a letter of credit obtained from a canada goose online bank at a low rate of interest.

canada goose coats They then sell it on the domestic market, often at below market rates, for quick cash to be reinvested in high return buy canada goose jacket areas such as real estate or shadow banking, where the gap between returns and funding costs could be as much as 10 percentage points.

a play on interest rates arbitrage. so long as the profits made in loans or currencies can cover losses in selling the Canada Goose online oil in the physical market, said an oil trader.

Reformates also used as a feedstock, or raw material, to produce petrochemicals are popular because of their high value per shipment and the ease with which they can be traded.

canada goose deals product needs to have enough liquidity so it can be sold in the market quickly, said the trader.

canada goose black friday sale Unlike the controlled crude oil market, companies do not need import licences to bring mixed aromatics shipments into China, while trading of other petroleum products, such Canada Goose Online as diesel and kerosene, is dominated by only a handful of state companies.

Imports of mixed aromatics soared after the 2008/2009 financial crisis to peak at 3.6 million tonnes in 2011, as dealers cashed in on tax incentives. canadian goose jacket China did not levy consumption tax on the product until canada goose store early 2014.

Imports have fallen since uk canada goose as uk canada goose outlet the consumption canada goose uk black friday levy wipes out the earlier profit margins, but the lure as a buy canada goose jacket cheap financing tool has helped hold levels up at close to 3 million tonnes a year for 2014, traders estimated.

Several main players little known private firms were believed to be holding around 400,000 tonnes of stocks, said a second Beijing based trader.

Canada Goose Parka commodity that sits in storage for long, you could reasonably suspect it as being used for financing, said a second senior https://www.cheapcanadagoose.net trader. aromatics is one of those.

buy canada goose jacket Fuel oil, of which China is Asia top cheap Canada Goose importer, is harder to use for financing as it incurs higher storage fees, traders said. ($1 = 6.2119 Chinese Yuan Renminbi) (Additional reporting by Florence Tan in Singapore; Editing by Alex Richardson).

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