Multiple guys had solid games, as the team shot 52 of 96 (

It wasn’t all Gray for the Suns tonight, however. Multiple guys had solid games, as the team shot 52 of 96 (.542) from the field and 15 of 37 (.405) from the three point line. The Suns are now 12 1 this season when shooting 50 percent or better from the field..

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Los cuentos de ‘Las mil y una noches’ serán la alegoría y fuente de inspiración del Carnaval de LPGC 2015

 Al cierre de las votaciones, dispuesto al mediodía de hoy, miércoles 23 de abril, se confirmó que el tema que ocupó la primera posición del ranking, durante todas las semanas de plazo, logró mantenerse en lo alto del podio hasta el último momento

 Los artistas interesados en participar en el concurso de elección del cartel de las carnestolendas capitalinas podrán enviar sus propuestas a partir de mañana, jueves 24 de abril

Carnaval 2015_Alegoria ganadora_Lasmil y una noche_web

El Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria de 2015 beberá de las fuentes de la obra literaria Las mil y una noches, tras los votos recibidos en el portal, al mediodía de hoy, miércoles 23 de abril, fecha en la que se cumplía el plazo para escoger la alegoría de las carnestolendas.

Cartel, vestuario y escenografía recrearán cuentos como Alí Babá y los cuarenta ladrones, Simbad el marino, Aladín y la lámpara maravillosa, y el resto de relatos con los que Sherezedade deleitó al sultán durante mil y una noches.

El tema, que registró 3.648 visitas y 599 votos, da pie a un universo fantástico salpicado de grandes palacios, princesas, califas, alhajas y alfombras voladoras.

La web, que contabilizó, del 1 al 23 de abril, 8.643 visitas a las propuestas, 6.290 personas registradas y 1.598 votos, tuvo un significativo movimiento en las últimas horas en las que el resultado final estuvo muy disputado entre los seguidores del tema ganador y el segundo tema del ranking, ‘La Amazonia’ con 559 votos.

A partir de mañana, jueves 24 de abril, se colgarán las bases del concurso del cartel del ‘Carnaval de Las mil y una Noches’ en el apartado ‘documentos’, de
Los diseños deberán tomar como referencia la alegoría ganadora y serán sometidos a votación popular, del 9 al 26 de junio, en, una vez hayan sido designadas un máximo de 10 propuestas finalistas por un jurado de profesionales y representantes de los diferentes sectores del Carnaval.

Podrán tomar parte en el concurso todos los profesionales o empresas relacionadas con el diseño gráfico que lo deseen. Cada participante podrá presentar hasta un máximo de tres obras, siendo condición indispensable que las mismas sean originales e inéditas. Las obras se presentarán en soporte cartón pluma, con una medida de 72 centímetros de alto por 50 centímetros de ancho y 10 milímetros de grosor, así como en formato digital con un ancho mínimo de 600 píxeles.

El cartel será la imagen de la fiesta más importante de la ciudad y su ganador recibirá una dotación económica de 2.000 euros.


We all love a great sex scene

STAYING TRUE TO HERSELF Stylist Allia Al Rufai, who once styled a magazine cover with Bebo, observes that over the years she stayed true to her personality. Never OTT and it comes through in the clothes. She sure of herself and not trying to be fashionable or effortless.

I spoke with Chris and Greg Kinnear the most out of the cast. Both really nice guys. Many of you seem familiar with the scene I referencing, as it a pretty funny scene where Ryan says something like “Nice day huh sir?” and Sam says something to the effect “How the fuck would you know what kind of day it is?”.

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The hunter cruises the lake during duck season and looks for areas ducks are using. A flock canada goose may be seen on the water close to a point of land or in a pocket. The next morning, Gardner will set up his boat and decoys there, hoping mallards, gadwalls or other ducks will cup wings and glide into shotgun range..

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The thing was everybody knew about the sun coming out on the sixteenth of June, and so the bus had to stop every twenty five feet or so to pick up another passenger bound for the shimmering waters. By my steadily improving mathematical calculations that meant the bus was going to stop more than a thousand times before reaching the sea. I was glad canada goose outlet sale I had inherited my father’s knack for patience..

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The role of these researchers’ prejudices and passions as well as that of their social, psychological, geographic and spiritual circumstances is barely credited by Wood. The heroes of this great artistic labor tend to be semimonastic introverts who, like Wood’s beloved Henry James and Gustave Flaubert, toil with the doors shut and locked, in soundproof splendid isolation, attentive to the subtle frictions among nouns and adjectival phrases. Conversely, the folks cheap canada goose outlet who spoil the experiment are David Foster Wallace types who let themselves be distracted and overwhelmed by the roar of the streets, the voices of the crowd.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT is part of Entercom. Check below for more information about station events, contacting the station and all the great talkers.Guide To The 2018 Winter OlympicsPyeongchang is a small city in the mountains of South Korea, host to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games on Feb. 9 25, 2018.

Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker stood under an inflated finish line at Bailey Park on Sunday like it , high fiving every runner that completed the Chief’s Challenge Triathlon.The triathlon, which was a 15 mile bike ride, a 7 mile kayak trip and 7.5 mile run, was Blocker’s idea to encourage an active community cheap canada goose jacket while highlighting the local trails. The police chief partnered with Cereal City Athletics and had just more than40 participants in its first year. Organizers said the untimed race was the first of its kind in Battle Creek and allowed local residents to meet new people while being active.”This is a wonderful community to live, work and play, and so Canada Goose Outlet why don’t we make that a part of our life, a healthy lifestyle,” Blocker said.

Wooden Award All America, Lute Olson All America Team, Third

The study of the theoretical underpinnings of a particular field or discipline: the of history. An underlying theory or set of ideas relating to a particular field of activity or to life as a whole: an original of advertising; an unusual of life. Origin of Middle English philosophie from Old French from Latin philosophia from Greek philosophi from philosophos lover of wisdom, philosopher ; see philosopher.the philosophic doctrine that claims that events can or do occur without cause.

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It varies from red, yellow, to green to purple’ish hues

In 2001, she starred in the feature film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, directed by Peter Jackson. She played the Elf maiden.[49][51] The film is based on the first volume of J. R.

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‘Las mil y una noches’ encabeza el ranking de las alegorías más votadas para el Carnaval de 2015 en la web


 El portal digital en el que los ciudadanos pueden votar por su alegoría favorita ha registrado 2.465 visitas en diez días

El portal digital, activado el pasado martes 1 de abril por el Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, que permite al ciudadano votar entre 5 propuestas de alegorías, refleja que el tema ‘Las mil y una noches’ es la opción más votada por los ciudadanos en los primeros diez días de actividad de la web. ‘La Amazonia’ y ‘El Zodiaco’, son los siguientes temas en función del recuento de votos.

El movimiento registrado en Google Analytics, desde el 1 de abril, indica que ha recibido 2.465 visitas que contabilizan 14.939 páginas vistas. Hasta el momento, de las 6.142 personas registradas, 425 han votado por su tema preferido, situando a la cabeza del ranking el tema ‘Las mil y una noches’, con 1.404 visitas y casi el 40% de los votos.

El escrutinio en la primera semana de votaciones revela que la balanza se inclina por un tema que recupera la magia de cuentos como Alí Babá y los cuarenta ladrones, Aladino y la lámpara maravillosa o Simbad el marino, y que recurre a un universo protagonizado por genios, califas y princesas.

El marco actual de votaciones señala que el Carnaval de 2015 podría girar en torno a los mil y un relatos encadenados en ‘Las mil y una noches’ recopilación de cuentos del Oriente medieval conocidos internacionalmente. Las historias hilvanadas por Sherezade situarán a las próximas carnestolendas en majestuosos palacios, alfombras voladoras y opulentos festines.

En cualquier caso, la alegoría no se conocerá hasta el mediodía del próximo miércoles 23 de abril, momento en que se cerrarán las votaciones y se confirmará la opción escogida por los ciudadanos.

I typically wear medium but on the thicker side

Nearly anything can be used. Instead of traditional Halloween bags for candy, use other items related to your costume and store them in the box. For example, you can implement items such as old pocketbooks, pillowcases, garbage bags, baskets, doctor bags, small backpacks, or even diaper bags..

Blazers range pretty wildly. Take for instance an unstructured cotton blazer put in to No 5, it going to make it look leagues better.Your definition of what a blazer is casts them too narrowly. I think that why you believe they are formal. Missing People’s free helpline 116 000 is open 24 hours a day. It provides practical and emotional support to families and free and confidential advice to anybody who is away from home themselves. The charity’s professional canada goose black friday sale and non judgmental helpline team can listen, explore options, set up a three way call with the police, or send a message home to family members..

Up 6.53 cents, or 43.53 per cent, to $21.53 on 7.1 million shares. The Toronto based company is going public today on stock markets in Toronto and New York. Canada Goose, ubiquitous for its $900 parkas with fur lined hoods, debuted with an initial public offering of 20 million shares priced at $17 per share under the symbol GOOS.

Directly across Fifth Street stands the city’s original modernist building Eliel Saarinen’s First Christian Church, with its subtly asymmetrical grid on cheap canada goose outlet the facade. Charles Eames designed the pews. Loja Saarinen, a weaver and the first of the few women involved in seven decades of Columbus design, worked with her husband on the “Sermon on the Mount” tapestry.

This unit explores developments in art, science and technology, drawing Canada Goose online on important periods in Italian history and culture as a background for understanding contemporary interdisciplinary practice. It will examine the nature and development of technology in science, engineering, the arts and Canada Goose Jackets architecture. Using the city of Prato and Canada Goose Parka the museums, galleries, rural landscapes and built environments in the surrounding region, students will research, develop and present a team based interdisciplinary project that draws canada goose outlet sale on this rich historical, cultural and technological landscape.

Info: (765) 983 2220. Saturday, May 21. Where: Children’s Programming Room, 80 N. I typically wear medium but on the thicker side. This jacket must linked website be meant to layer underneath because the Medium is quite roomy, a bit more than comfortable. Canada Goose Outlet The inside pocket’s zipper got caught on the fabric (user error i suppose) but the zipper then split.

This water rescue proved even more difficult because the victim was still wearing his cross country skis. The victim survived and Sergeant Paajanen was not injured in the incident. Since its creation, 163 Ontario firefighters have received the medal.

Robin Lehner, who made two straight starts on the weekend, didn mince words. He said this club has to get its act together. Quickly.. This can vary. You can canada goose clearance get lucky and capture lightning at most shutter speeds but you’ll have far more hits with a slow cheap canada goose jacket shutter speed. I try to stay between 5 seconds and 10 seconds as a rule.

The otter’s story is familiar. Overtrapping drove the native species from Ohio by the early 1900s, but their reintroduction starting in 1986 and lasting seven years has been so successful that farmers are starting to complain. After all, a family of otters can eat half the fish in a privately stocked pond before the owner gets wind of their visits..

15. Judging will take place Sept. 16. The words “back to school guide” have been hijacked. Google it Canada Goose click over here sale and you won’t find valuable information kids and parents should know for the fast approaching school year; you will find list after list loaded with extremely expensive products which tech blogs have deemed necessary for “students of all ages”. Specifically, those in the highest tax brackets whose parents have a vacation house on the moon..

Fanning and I are about the same age. Mid 40s or thereabouts. Similar if not identical interests. In the West Wing, Mr. Obama is a bit of a wanderer. When Mr. An explosion caused by an ammonia leak at a food canada goose store manufacturing plant Friday morning in Elk Grove Village caused two people to be hospitalized, forced the evacuation of canada goose dozens of workers and impacted businesses throughout the area, officials said. At Grecian Delight Foods cheap Canada Goose in the 1200 block of Tonne Road, Elk Grove Fire Chief Richard cheap canada goose sale Mikel said. The blast blew out walls and windows on the west and north sides of the plant.

But, like the precogs in Minority Report, they occasionally

Not available for APO / FPO orders. Eligible amounts are calculated on prices before shipping and applicable taxes. Prices and specifications valid in Canada only and subject to error and change without notice.

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El Ayuntamiento abre el plazo para votar por la alegoría del Carnaval de 2015 en el portal digital de participación

recorte participacion

La Amazonia, Las mil y una noches, El Zodiaco, El Oeste Americano y El Arte son los cinco temas entre los que los internautas podrán votar, a partir de las 12:00 horas de hoy, martes 1, y hasta el mediodía del miércoles 23 de abril, en

El Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria abre, hasta el mediodía del próximo 23 de abril, el plazo para votar entre los 5 temas planteados para la elección de la alegoría del Carnaval de 2015: El Zodiaco, El Oeste Americano, La Amazonia, El Arte y Las mil y una noches.

El Consistorio capitalino vuelve a servirse de, portal digital desarrollado el año pasado, como soporte en el que recoger los votos que decidirán la alegoría en la que estará inspirada la próxima edición de las carnestolendas.

El modus operandi será similar al del año pasado. Los ciudadanos registrados podrán emitir su voto con el ID y contraseña asignado, y los que no se hayan registrado, podrán hacerlo  con un correo electrónico al que le llegará su clave de acceso.

Este año, después de que una comisión estudiara las múltiples propuestas recibidas por diferentes vías a lo largo de los últimos años, la organización del Carnaval propone cinco temas factibles en función de su viabilidad técnica y económica, por lo que los ciudadanos con su participación decidirán si los astros, horóscopos y planetas protagonizarán una fiesta dedicada al Zodiaco; o si preferirán que cowboys, amerindios, pistoleros y sheriffs se hagan con un Carnaval del Oeste Americano. Entre las opciones a alegoría de 2015, además se contempla el color y fuerza de la vegetación y fauna de la Amazonia, la inspiración en las diferentes corrientes artísticas, en un Carnaval del Arte, o una fiesta basada en el mundo de Aladino, Alí Babá y los 40 ladrones o Simbad el marino de Las mil y una noches.